Gabriel Perales



Gabriel Perales

JavaScript developer

I'm a software engineer normal guy who learned JavaScript by reading some books, watching Egghead courses and doing exercises on pages like FreecodeCamp, Codewars or Exercism and many others. I consider myself a JavaScript developer, but I usually work as a frontend developer but my CSS skills are more limited. Now I'm trying to learn by doing and trying to make more things and consume less.

In my efforts to be a better developer, I have learned many things. From Backbonejs and CoffeeScript to React with TypeScript, passing through some Haskell, ReasonML and Elm. I still have a lot to learn, but time is a limited resource, and it's pretty hard to keep track of all the new technologies that are appearing. Again, I'm trying to learn less and do more, and maybe one day I can live from one of the things I'm making.

Some of my interests are micro SaaS, indie hacking, marketing, design and sailing ⛵️.